IELTS Assessments and Resources

All four elements of the IELTS specification – reading, writing, speaking and listening – are covered by our solution for IELTS. Currently our assessments and resources cover the IELTS General Training specifications, but additional content for the academic pathway is forthcoming.

If you’re looking for a solution to support students who are thinking of emigrating to/due to undertake training in an English speaking country, or who are studying at any level below a degree, then the bksb IELTS solution is the perfect fit. We’ve split our assessments into five ability levels, allowing learners to work through simpler tasks before completing more demanding work.

What’s Included?

For the writing element of the solution, learners are asked to complete two writing tasks – a letter and an essay – both of which are set in the style of an IELTS General Writing Test. Each of the tasks come with model answers and self-assessment checklists, as well as additional resources and activities containing hints, tips, and relevant vocabulary. The tasks are set at our ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Advanced’ levels.

The reading component of the solution incorporates IELTS General Reading test style questions and practice tests. Levels Intermediate to Advanced are covered and there are three sections of practice tests to work through.

Covering all five levels, the listening component is split into four parts. For each part learners are required to listen to audio clips and answer questions relating to them. Again, these resources are based on IELTS examination content.

Our speaking tasks allow individuals to practise speaking words, phrases and sentences by first listening to audio clips, then recording themselves repeating the spoken text. The solution also offers support so that learned words and phrases can be used to form full sentences – which can again be recorded. The final part of the speaking package offers example answers and self-assessment checklists to aid the learner whilst practising their English-speaking skills, and inform them when they are ready to progress through the five available levels. 

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Why Choose the bksb IELTS Solution?

  • Our IELTS Solution is fully interactive.
  • It includes reading, writing, speaking and listening resources.
  • Our solution is based on the content of IELTS tests.
  • The assessments and resources cover five levels of ability, from Beginner through to Advanced.
  • We provide outstanding technical support.
  • bksbLIVE is built on Amazon Web Services and is highly reliable. Data is protected by secure facilities and infrastructure, as well as sophisticated network and security monitoring systems. 

About bksb licensing and pricing

  • bksb solutions are sold on an annual licence basis as standard. More flexible options are also available.
  • We benchmark against competitors to ensure our products are the best value available.
  • There are absolutely no hidden costs with bksb - just a simple, easy-to-understand per learner, per annum price.
  • Tutors, administrators and managers can access bksb at no additional cost.
  • If you would like to find out more about our pricing and licencing, simply get in touch for an informal chat with one of our friendly team.

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