bksb is now available in Cyprus

01 July 2016 | By Lindsay McQueen

bksb is now available in Cyprus


bksb is now used globally, with hundreds of thousands of students across India and Australia benefitting from our easy-to-use online assessments and learning resources. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that bksb is now available in Cyprus! 

The bksb eLearning platform provides assessments and resources that offer thorough, ongoing support that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. For each student, it identifies their current level of ability in English, then diagnoses their precise strengths and weaknesses. A bespoke programme of online learning resources is then made available to improve their level of ability and fill the 'skill gaps' that have been identified. 

You can find out more about what we offer by visiting the products section of the website. 

If you would like further details, or an online trial to see exactly what bksb could do for your students, contact our exclusive partners in Cyprus at CYT Training Ltd:

Chris Yiannakou


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